Thursday, March 9, 2017

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As with all dreams, visions and prophecies we simply have to wait and see if they actually come to pass. Some revelations may have errors in them. Some just don't happen. We write about dreams, visions and prophecies because people claim to have received "messages" from God. We spread the news of such revelations around so people can pray about (possible, only possible) future events. 

This letter came from a lady pastor I knew some years ago by the name of Sharon Moore...

"Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name. Sorry for taking so long in answering your letter, life gets quite busy at times. It was nice to hear from you. We have not heard from Dave Peisker for a long time, do you know where he is these days. We have travelled a lot in the past three or so years, but it is nice to stop for a while. We are involved with the AOG here having resigned the Full Gospel some time back. When we were living in Mount. Isa some twelve years ago my mother had a vision of enemy paratroopers landing just north of Mount. Isa. No one was expecting it to happen and when it did everyone was trying to get out but there was such a traffic jam. On waking mum felt The Lord spoke to her and said just these words “Two baby girls”. That very day two baby girls were born into the family, one was two weeks late and the other the day she was due. Mum felt this was a sign that one came to pass and the other would also. Some twenty five years ago I heard a prophecy saying that an enemy would invade Australia from the north and God would allow them to come so far into Australia because Australia mostly has rejected God but then God would raise up another nation to fight on our side and God would put hooks in the jaws of the enemy and drive them back. When this happens don’t give the people fighting on our side, but give God the glory. Our son Mark had a word over his life that he would don the uniform and quite a number who were in our church at the time got the same word from the same prophet that gave the first prophecy. This prophet was a true man of God who has since gone to be with The Lord and I have never known his prophecies to fail yet. Well I trust this will help you a little. God bless you. Christian love. Sharon Moore 18-10-93.”


 If any of this rattles you up, why not go to The Lord in prayer and ask for His help. To know Jesus as our Saviour is to know His Peace. The freedom from fear is wonderful. You can invite The Lord into your life any day.